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Splash Pads & Fountains

Clayton County International Recreation Water Park
"Spivey Splash"

Jonesboro, GA

The Clayton County International Water Park features 5 bodies of water: a dual-use pool, kiddie pool, lazy river, splash pad, and Florider. The 6,525 SF dual-use pool consists of a side plunge and a leisure area with basketball goals and a volleyball court. The kiddie pool is a 5,525 SF interactive pool with the second largest Splashtacular aquatic play unit built to date. The kiddie pool also has above ground water features and a zero entry with bubblers as well as islands with palm trees that mist. The 5,600 SF splashpad has both in-ground and above ground water features with zones for different age groups. The splashpad is concrete with a floor system by Life Floor that consisted of a multi-color blend pattern with custom logos for the owner. The lazy river is 12FT wide and 1,279 FT long and is believed to be the longest river in the state of Georgia. The river has 3 crossover bridges with one having a water fall cascade feature and the other two with a pipe falls feature. The river has 9 vertical turbine pumps by River Flow to push the water at 2400 GPM each.  The most important feature on this project is the double Florider surf simulator with two submerged pumps that are 140HP each to push the water. The filtration equipment for each system consists of Mermade sand filters, PACO pumps driven by ABB VFDs and for sanitation they have Pulsar feeder systems for chlorine, Prominent acid feeder pumps and vats, and all being controlled by Blu-Sentinel chemical controllers. In addition to this equipment the splashpad and kiddie pool have Delta UV units for additional sanitation. 

Matt Swift Park Fountain
Columbus, GA

This water feature is only one of six currently existing in the world. Containing 24 jumping jets, each individual jet creates a clear column of arched water utilizing a specially designed, custom make ultra-sized “Leaping Laminar” nozzle. 12-foot arches spray approximated 12 feet of shooting water over a 36-foot long sidewalk without “wetting” the pedestrians passing under the water arches. A 2-3-inch-deep pool in the landing area allows for water to cascade into the basing and is then recycled by a pump system. LED choreographed color lights present a night-time show that is spectacular. 

East Point City Hall Fountain & Splash Pad
East Point, GA

Ashford Park Splash Pad
Brookhaven, GA

Piedmont Park Conservatory - Lecacy Fountain
Atlanta, GA

Sugar Hill Interactive Fountain
Sugar Hill, GA

Rodney Cook Sr. Splash Pad
Atlanta, GA

Cherokee Aquatic Center Splash Pad
Cherokee, GA

MLK, Jr. Recreational and Aquatic Center
Atlanta, GA

Features a beautiful granite fountain.

Harpeth Square Apartments & Hotel Fountain
Franklin, TN

Fountain includes an upper and lower trough. Upper trough spills over into the lower trough on two sides. 

Tyler Perry Studio Fountain
Atlanta, GA

A 35’ diameter pool, elevated above grade fountain. Consists of 12 nozzles separated into 3 zones which will be controlled by a controller capable of turning the nozzles on and off as well as ramping their spray heights up and down to a programmed, choreographed sequence. The coiriponents are scalable so that in the future different programs and sequences can be added for variety or to celebrate a holiday or event. The program could be adjusted to coordinate with music, or the video display on the giant screens.

Centennial Park (GA World Congress Center)
Atlanta, GA

Georgia Perimeter College
Decatur, GA

Perkerson Park Splash Pad
Atlanta, GA




City of Islamorada

City of Key Biscayne

City of Florida City


Roberto Clemente

Catherine Strong Splash Pad

Sterling on the Lake

Ad Barnes Aquatic Center

Waterscape Condos

Atlanta Jewish Center

Piedmont Diving Club

Port Saint Lucie

City of Roswell Splash Pad

Dan Callaway Rec Center


Aubrey St. Pool/Pad

Union County Meeks Park

DH Stanton Park

Level Creek Splash Pad

Glencoe Splash Pad

Gordonia State Park Splash Pad

City of Atlanta - Historic Fourth Ward Park

Moody Airforce Base

Milam Park

Phil Campbell Splash Pad

Shades Valley YMCA

Sesquicentennial Splash Pad


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