Competitive Aquatics (Natatoriums)

Georgia Tech Univeristy (Atlanta)

AMU Wellness Center (Montgomery)

Auburn University (Auburn)


University of Georigia (Athens)

Fort Valley State University

USC West Campus


Georgia State University (Atlanta)

Wesleyan College (Norcross)


Aqua Design excels in the building of competition pools, both for local and international standard swim meets. Aqua has experience incorporating the use of a bulkhead with a moveable partition that can be used in various locations in the pool for a myriad of possibilities of race set-ups. Ability to provide implementation of starting platforms, individual lane timing systems, ADA accessibility, warm up pools and special requirements ensures that each client is guaranteed a top-level competition pool to fit their needs.

















University Projects:







Competition Pool Projects:




Sterling on the Lake

Columbus City Service Center Complex

Amberleigh Knoxville

Milam Park (Clarkston)


Cherokee Aquatics Center (Holly Springs)

Dellinger Park

Decatur Ebster Pool

Sea Island Beach Club Aquatics

Moody Air Force Base

Augusta Kroc Center

Piedmont Driving Club