Splash Pads, Spray Parks, Interactive Fountains

Aqua Design works in conjunction with municipalities and communities to create stunning, unique, and nature-integrated interactive fountains, splash pads and spray parks. Utilizing local artists, top designers and top grade materials allows ADS to complete magical areas of water fun and functionality. Utilization of special water-saving techniques keeps these attractions environmentally friendly and cost-efficient, while providing years of fun for children of all ages.



















Palmetto Fall Park                                            Piedmont Park Conservancy Fountain            DH Stanton Park  

Historic 4th Ward                                             Perkerson Park                                                    Glencoe Splash Pad Facility

Gordonia State Park                                        Phil Campbell Splash Pad                                   Level Creek Park

Sesquicentennial State Park                          Union County Meeks Park                                  Sugar Hill Bowl Venue

Key Biscayne                                                     Roberto Clemente                                               Catherine Strong

Port Saint Lucie                                                City of Roswell                                                      Magnolia State Park     


Organization / Private Projects:

Ad Barnes Aquatic Center                               Augusta Kroc Center                                          Greenville Kroc Center

Moody Airforce Base                                       Morningview                                                        Islamorada

Cuscowilla                                                         Sterling on the Lake                                            Atlanta Jewish Center

Waterscape Condons                                      Peidmont Driving Club                                       Dan Callaway Rec Center