2014 Georgia Tech Regenerative Filter Installation

Atlanta, GA - In the world of Collegiate Competition Aquatics, it is critical that projects are completed in the most timely and efficient manner whilst maintaining the highest degree of quality. Competitions are often scheduled several months to over a year in advance. This allows a small window of opportunity to complete renovations before thousands of fans and hundreds of competitors converge for the competition events. That is exactly why the facilities administrators of the Georgia Tech Competition Aquatics Center turned to an experienced, capable and extremely reputable commercial aquatics company to manage all facets of its entire pool filtration system renovation.


They chose Aqua Design Systems, Inc. of Fayetteville, Georgia outside of the usual competitive low-bid process solely because of the level of trust and the consistent performance ADS has exhibited completing past jobs. Aqua Design Systems is a specialty construction firm focused on aquatic facility construction. With more than 30 years of cumulative experience in all facets of aquatics design, construction and installation, ADS won the contract to complete the GA Tech facility upgrades and immediately began work. Faced with a tight timeline and extremely stringent standards and requirements, ADS mobilized its full resources to get the job done on time and on budget.


ADS successfully managed all facets of the intricate installation project with the support of its team of dedicated hard working and highly experienced technicians, engineers and project managers. Working on the project, were two round the clock shifts of skilled tradesman. Each of them contributed greatly to the successful completion of the project. Many of them worked through the Holiday season with little to no breaks in between. . “When a customer like Georgia Tech places so much trust and faith in Aqua Design’s ability to deliver as contracted, you better believe we are going to move Heaven and Earth to make sure it happens.” said Randy Chancey, ADS President and CEO.


Unwavering professional commitment and a high degree of mutual trust is what won ADS the GA Tech Filter remodeling project. The project called for the installation of an entirely new regenerative filter system, all new piping and valves, UV system, chemical controllers, pumps and electrical for each of its main competition pools, a 50 Meter Lap Pool and a Platform Diving pool. To filter and maintain proper water chemical composition, each pool required three separate Atlas Filters by Nemato. However, before the new system could be installed, the old system needed to be removed and cleared. ADS accomplished a full demolition of the entire aquatics filtration area in just over 24 hours. 

The expertly orchestrated all hands on deck effort took the work of dozens of skilled labor to provide the blank slate the team needed to get the project completed.


“There were a swarm of highly skilled individuals moving around a very confined space. It really needed the kind of tight coordination we had going, it’s what helped us get the demo done in such a tight window” said Alex Lesnett, ADS project Manager. Along the way project challenges were met with swift and innovative solutions by ADS. One of those challenges included solving a problem of removing the filter lids for servicing. ADS excelled once again, providing the necessary project management and on the spot design capacity needed to save the client time and money. ADS installed a custom designed monorail bracket system that gives facility administrators the ability to hoist and lift each filter cap and get it out of the way for regular repair and maintenance tasks. We build trust and confidence with each of our clients by tackling problems and offering actionable solutions.


ADS also made numerous design adjustments to accommodate equipment and piping that needed to be re-routed and streamlined to facilitate filter access. The system motors were placed on concrete Pylons that were custom formed and poured onsite and to exact specifications. “One of the things that sets us apart in the marketplace is our ability to think about solutions on the spot, that’s where you understand the difference almost 30 years of effective aquatic construction experience comes into play and really benefits the client” said Chancey. 


Since its inception ADS has earned an exemplary reputation for excellence in aquatics construction. However, it’s the ingenuity, effective problem solving with an always positive attitude that makes each ADS project a huge success. The remodeling and regenerative filter installation of The Georgia Tech Aquatics Center is just one

more successful project for a firm focused on leading the pack

in the world of commercial aquatics.