Elevated Aquatics

Skyhouse Atlanta

Skyhouse Buckhead

Skyhouse Dallas

Skyhouse Luxury (Atlanta)

Skyhouse Nashville

Skyhouse Atlanta II

Skyhouse Charlotte

Skyhouse Denver

Skyhouse Main (Houston II)

Skyhouse Victory (Dallas II)

Skyhouse Atlantic (W. Peachtree)

Skyhouse Charlotte II

Skyhouse Houston

Skyhouse River Oaks


2823 Peachtree (Atlanta)

Howell Mill Road (Atlanta)

ICON in hte Gulch (Nashville)

Post Alexander II (Atlanta)

2828 Peachtree (Atlanta)

33 Peachtree Place Tower (Atlanta)

Grove Park Inn (Ashville)

Omi Hotel Atlanta (CNN Building)

Riverplace Embassy Suites (Greenville) 

3630 Peachtree Street (Atlanta)

Buckhead Atlanta Parcel C

Mint Museum Towers (Charlotte)

Westin Nashville

Aqua Design has specialized knowledge in the design and construction of elevated pools, understanding the unique features and special materials necessary to sustain the structural allocations of weight and allow accessibility for roof-top and non-conforming aquatics. Aqua believes that safety, sustainability, aesthetics and individuality are the most important components for customer satisfaction.

















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