ALSS Environments (Zoos, Aquariums, Nature Reserves, Marine Research)

Aquatic Life Support System (ALLS) are designed to create a "natural environment" for species of animals that utilize any type of water environs. Zoos, Aquariums, Marine Research and other facilities that showcase/study/preserve wildlife (exotic, endangered, etc.) are responsible for recreating an environment most closely mimicking the animals' natural habitat.

The design and construction of any ALLS environment must take into account a myriad of considerations to insure sanitary and cohesive structure. Aqua Design Systems has developed an approach that includes implementation of high-grade  systems and equipment (rapid sand filters, oxone generator/concentrator, bio filtration and remediation,  systematic water disinfectation and purification, waste elimination) to insure the animal remains healthy and comfortable in its surroundings. We understand the complexities involved in each and every ALLS system we build and the importance of creating a safe, viable environment for each and every animal.


Aqua Design Systems has completed several ALLS set-ups  for the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens-Asia Precinct Expansion to include the tigers, warty pigs and otter exhibits. ADS is currently in discussions with Ripleys Believe It or Not in Myrtle Beach, SC as well as another exhibit for Manatee Critical Care with Jacksonville Zoo.